Protection For You.....

Proactive "Sniffer" Dog Teams

Company owners, you could be be losing revenue throughout the year with low productivity, absence, theft etc. Plus the dangers of using illegal substances not only to the user but also to those around them.

Parents if you think your child may be using drugs, we will visit your home in a private unmarked vehicle to carry out a search, confidentiality assured.

Patrol Dog Teams

We currently offer three Dog and Handler patrol services listed on the left of this page.

Mobile Dog Patrols

Mobile Dog Units will maintain a high visibility or covert presence according to your requirements utilising either marked or unmarked patrol vehicles. We can offer a dedicated patrol unit covering multiple locations specified by you.

General Purpose Patrol Dog

Our general purpose patrol dog and handler remain at your designated premises maintaining a high visibility presence.

Proactive Dog Patrols

a) Charge a fixed fee regardless of the time spent on site.*

b) Put up highly visible deterrence signage.

c) Guarantee three random mobile dog patrols in a twenty-four hour period, seven days a week.

d) Request Police intervention to remove any trespassers.

e) Ensure site security before leaving.

f)  Produce detailed site reports and actions taken.

*In the event of a security breach.

Our attending Patrol officers complete site status reports after each completed patrol (If required). Any defects, unauthorised persons or vehicles in or near the site will be immediately noted and recorded on the report sheet. Should any serious breach of security occur the security officer would remain on site until your designated key holder arrives after being contacted by the duty officer.


Our drugs detection dogs are available to work almost anywhere including:
  • Pubs
  • Clubs
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • NHS Properties
  • Drugs Rehab Centres
  • Youth Clubs
  • Building Sites
  • Offices
  • Factories